Goodbye Ongole….Hello Calcutta

Wandanalu! Today is our last day in Ongole.  In a few short hours we will be going to SCH to say goodbye to the children who have stolen our hearts. There is no doubt that these kids will be missed! I see their faces in my head before I go to bed and every morning when I wake up.  They are so amazing and they have so blessed me. Over the past two days as I have been preparing myself to leave Ongole and SCH I have been thinking about all the things the Lord has done in me while here.

He has broken me down and removed my comforts. He has moved me to love even when I had no strength to love. He has shown me hope and where true joy is found, and that He is sovereign and my life in His hands is the best place for it to be. Needless to say I have had my fair share of lessons. In the beginning they were all hard to learn and yield to, but when grace starts to reveal truth it is all worth it.
At the beginning of my time in Ongole I was homesick and really didn’t see how I could make it 8 weeks. Now I cant imagine any other way to have spent the first 5 weeks of my summer. I have been stretched and there is still more stretching to come.

Tomorrow morning we will embark on the second part of our trip. We are heading to Calcutta! After a 24-hour train ride we will be picked up and introduced to “real India”. We have been told to expect dirt, slums, smells, and TONS of people! I’m so excited for the things the Lord has in store for us there!
In the mornings we will be doing village outreach and in the afternoons we will be teaching Bible studies and doing VBS type things at a local orphanage.  I am excited to go and tell the villages of Calcutta about the great God I serve and of His mercy and love! Then to be able to pour more love and scripture on beautiful children of India! How lucky am I?

The Lord is such a good and faithful God! I know He already has the path ready that we will take and we are ready to embark on His journey!

Please keep my team and I in your prayers!
Prayer Request: safe travels, for the Lord to give us words to say to those we come in contact with, boldness to share the good news, and protection over our minds and hearts.
Thank you so much!
Love, Cori

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