Happy Birthday To You

Today it was Veronica's birthday! 

Veronica is 20 years old.  She is blind.  She was found on the streets and someone brought her to SCH.  She had been sold, trafficked and was used at others disposal.  She has 2 children, we're sure where they were. We knew very little about Veronica because she speaks Hindi, not the local dialect of Telugu, and she didn't like to speak, well actually she didn't seem to like much of anything.  Most of the time she seemed rather lifeless.
From the first time I heard about her story I was drawn to her.  The depressed state she was in seemed rather appropriate considering the devastating life she'd had.  Almost everyday I would sit with her and sing songs of hope and restoration over her, pray with her, and occasionally brush her hair for her.  I saw her speak to one of the Ahyahs one time – it was a little break through.  

Even when she didn't show it, I had faith she was responding to the prayers and love she had been getting. From time to time, I sensed she was receiving the songs, prayers, and love.  I believed that God's spirit in me was gently and powerfully speaking to her spirit and bringing healing.

When SCH received Veronica they weren't able to find out her birthday, so they decided June 30th would be a good day.  Today I watched as Veronica was lead out of the home and into the rickshaw for her birthday lunch… she was all done up with a pretty necklace and accompanied by 2 translators and Erin, one of the managers of the home.  The Veronica that left in the rickshaw never returned. 

She returned a new person!  I saw Erin in the hallway and she told me Veronica had accepted Jesus!  I was so excited!!!  Erin, with help form the translators explained to her about Jesus.  As a Muslim, Veronica did not know about the relationship and life we can have with Jesus.  

I went to visit with Veronica, what a transforamtion! I found her sitting up in her bed – usually I find her lying down.  I exclaimed to her "Happy Birthday!"  she REPLIED:  "To you" in English!  What a surprise!! I'm not sure if she received the gift of tongues along with salvation – haha! Veronica very rarely spoke, let alone in English! 

I was ecstatic at her response and her complete transformation – Her dismal expression had been transformed to a smile, her demeanor was light and joyful!  She laid her head in my lap and I kissed her cheek, held her and she just smiled! 

I exclaimed "we're sisters" and she responds – "yes".  I tell her enthusiastically: "I love you" and she says " thank you"! I tell her "Jesus loves you" and her reply "yes" as she adds a smile to accompany her acknowledgment of love.  Like a little girl who's delighted with a new game, I continue to speak to her as she responds.  Every time someone walked into the room, I showed them this beautiful new women and she showed them how she responds to my voice! 

I continue to wish her Happy Birthday and she completes the joyful phrase with her "to you".  I kissed and rubbed her scars on her arms and proclaimed who she is:  a beautiful free women of God, a new creation, one who is loved and loves, one who receives healing, she has a crown of beauty instead of shame, she is taken care of, accounted for, a princess, she is protected.  I read from Isaiah 62:3,4:   
You will be a crown of splendor in the LORD'S hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God.  No longer will they call you Desserted, or name your land Desolate.  But you will be called Hephzibah (means my delight is in her) and your land Beulah (means married) for the Lord will take delight in you, and your land will be married. And she responds with a "yes, thank you". 

What a miracle this is!! 

In the words of Veronica, Yes, thank you to you Jesus, the Redeemer! 

Please rejoice with all of heaven and pray for Veronica that she may learn more, receive more healing, and continue to be transformed from glory to glory, and for more miracles to happen in her life.

 Also, Friday night here in India from 6:30 -8:30 pm we are having a time of worship, prayer and thanksgiving to God asking him to provide the $10,000 needed to provide children with their medical needs and beyond. Please join us from wherever you are… it'll be somewhere between 9.5-12.5 hours behind the time mentioned if you're in North America.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  



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