Our new Home

Hello from Calcutta! What a week it has been! This time last week I was boarding a 24-hour train to Calcutta. After a few detours and a surprise stay on the beach we arrived 48 hours later. We have gotten settled in our new home and we love it here. We miss SCH but are excited for the new things that await us.
We are working at an all boys home. Pastor Sam and his wife and 6-month-old beautiful daughter have adopted 18 of the sweetest and most well behaved boys from ages 4 to 14. Since the day I met them I have been in love! Pastor Sam and his wife are giving these boys not only a home but also a mom and a dad. They take such good care of these children and pour the love of Christ into them daily.

While here we are teaching English to the boys, playing games with them, and having nightly worship and devotion times. We have also had the opportunity to go into a village and preach! For those of you who know me this is a dream of mine!

It’s so cool to see the Lord at work in these villages! The contacts here say that the villages are hungry but there is no one to tell them.  I am praying that the Lord will send more workers into the harvest!
Please be in prayer for our team, as we will continue to be sharing in the villages and pouring the love of Christ into these boys. I can’t believe I will be home in 14 days! The time has flown by!
Thank you for your continued support and prayers! They are fueling our work here! 

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